Sweaters you can wear during Spring/Summer


I always wonder why people pack away their sweaters during the change of the seasons. Don't get me wrong those super chunky sweaters can be tucked away in your closet. I am talking about that cute lightweight off the shoulder sweaters that are sure to add some character to your outfit.


Picking the right sweater to bring into the new season is not that tricky. Think lightweight, loose-knit, these are perfect for tying around your waist or over a bathing suit when its a little breezy out. The ideal summer sweater will come in handy for those nights by the water, or late night BBQ's. Think Summer dresses with an off the shoulder sweater tied in a knot or on top of a cute bikini like I did; either way make sure you are adding summer sweaters into your wardrobe. To make sure you ladies are prepared for this Spring/Summer season, I found some summer sweaters that will be perfect to pair with any outfit you are wearing. Check out some styles below for you to shop, including the one I am wearing. Happy shopping ladies.

Peace & Love,