When All Fails Wear A Head Wrap

Hi Loves,

I hope all of you are enjoying the start of your week. It's miserable here in NJ and I honestly can't wait for Sunny days ahead. This weekend was a busy weekend for me because Annabelle had two birthday parties and I had a ton of laundry...the struggle of a working mom. 
Anyway my point being is because it was a busy weekend there was no way I was doing my hair, so a head wrap was my go to. Do any of you do this?

I love head wraps because they really can elevate an outfit and create a great look. Head wraps remind me of the 50's and 60's and so much of my culture. Being Puerto Rican the woman would wear these to keep there hair nice  in the old days and seeing pictures of my mom and Abuela with Head wraps , I can't help but love this fashion quick fix.

There are so many ways of creating the look now, its crazy. If you guys want me to do a tutorial let me know. Ill be more than happy to share on my Youtube channel. I hope you guys like this easy look I put together and stay tuned for more head wrap looks this Spring and Summer.

I linked below some other style picks of my outfit. 

Peace & Love