We ALL Grow 2017

Hi Loves,

I hope all of you are having a fab Monday. I know I told you guys this post was going to be up on Sunday,but I was on a roll with packing for my next adventure to California. I leave Thursday To Coachella and bringing my kids,so I wanted to make sure I was well prepared. Anyway lets get into We All Grow 2017. If you have been one of my followers for some time you know I went to the first one held three years ago and the very first We All Grow Familia. I loved attending both so much that I decided to not only go this year,but present as well.

We All Grow has turned from a thought in Ana's mind of creating a platform for Latinas to this amazing network that has grown and continues to grow because she truly cares about all. Her team  has created an amazing sisterhood of influencers that have passions that are waiting to be shared.

Ana Flores is the founder and CEO of #WeAllGrow Latina Network, the first and largest network of digital Latina influencers in the U.S. She has  given so many, including myself opportunities  that I wouldn't have imagine having and I'm truly grateful. I went from a blogger not knowing much about the world of blogging to actually speaking and teaching about a craft I love at the summit. You  learn things, but you have to really take advantage of the opportunity. At the first summit I thought of it as a social event which it can be but as a new blogger I wish at that time I would have focused on networking and getting to know the ins and outs of the world of blogging.

Here are some Tips for you ladies when attending any conference.

  1. We All Grow is great at giving you ample time to buy your tickets and even has sales so make sure you take advantage, early bird gets the worm. 
  2. Plan your trip with other female bloggers. Save yourself money by rooming with each other.
  3. If you are a blogger that lives in colder climates take advantage of the California sun and shoot looks, that is if you are a fashion blogger.
  4. Plan your days out! I cant stress this enough. It can get overwhelming on where to go. The summit always gives you the itinerary ahead of time so PRINT that list out and highlight what you truly want to attend. 
  5. Make your presences known, the brand breakouts are great to network. I always highlight the brands I want to connect with and make sure I get to them before my day gets hectic.
  6. Make sure to always have business cards on you... I always have 20 on me.
  7. If you plan on hitting the brands and have tons of bags of goodies, make a quick stop to your room to drop it off. You don't  want to fumble and look like the bag lady when trying to shake someone's hand.
  8. Most of all have fun. Enjoy yourself, let loose and bask in the moment of being surrounded by amazing empowering women.

This Summit was especially amazing for me because I was able to share  some tips and tricks of the trade. Both myself and Bibi Camilo of Biannette were asked to teach about The Art of Flatlays.  The class end up turning out really good, only issue people couldn't find us but those that did enjoyed the class. I am very grateful to the Network and Ana for allowing me to share my love of blogging with others. I am telling you if you have not gone to any Summit, its a must, and because the conferences are so great Ana has even created one day summits in major cities! Overall this year was nothing but amazing and I do plan on going next year. If you have any specific questions about We All Grow Summit please feel free to contact me.