Unicorn Costume Look


Hi Loves,

You guys know how much I love to dress up for Halloween, but to be honest a lot is going  on that I had no time to really focus on costumes this year. I hope to share with you guys whats taking me away from the blog soon, just bare with me. Anyway, so this costume literally was put together on Friday. I found the costume on clearance so I said to myself let me see if I can find a wig and knew she had horns already. I found our wigs on Amazon for $19.99 and knew they were perfect , thank God for Amazon Prime. 


For our flower crown I already had these on hand as well as the horns from her costume and a headband I purchased a few months back from H&M. I wish I was able to get some mommy and me shots but Annabelle's alternate was not letting the true Annabelle come out to play. To her defense she didn't have a nap, so I wasn't going to push her to take them . I was even lucky to get pics of her alone, I know my boundaries, so enjoy the selfies of myself  and one shot with her. I hope you guys like this costume and maybe next year we will redo them and I'll have time to show you how I did my makeup.

Peace & Love,