The New Baby Dove Collection

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Dove, all opinions are my own.

Hi Loves,


I am beyond excited to finally share my love for  The New Baby Dove Collection! When I was approached to test the line out I was beyond ecstatic that Dove finally made a line specifically for children.  I have been using the Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash on my children already, so to know these formulas were created specifically for children made this mommy do a happy dance.

My children both suffer from eczema so finding lotions, body washes and even wipes has been a hassle for me, but no more. The launch of The Baby Dove Collection has truly been life changing for me, I have been using it for a couple weeks now and my children’s skin have seen such a difference. Dove really took it up a notch with this line, it goes beyond mildness to replenish essential moisture lost in baby skin during bath time. My son’s eczema on his legs have seen improvement since using this line and that makes this mommy very happy. I love that its hypoallergenic and recommended by dermatologist and pediatricians, it just gives me that reassurance that I am doing the right thing for my child. When I initially learned both my kids had eczema, my pediatrician had recommended that we use Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash and Beauty Bar, which helped but I think with the combination of the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash as well as the Rich Moisture Baby Lotion it made a major difference, especially for my son.

I have used tons of baby products and truly believe Dove has put themselves in the #1 spot for being the best in baby care. They have created products for all baby skin types in its Rich Moisture and Sensitive Moisture ranges. The two Lines consist of Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture Range and Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture Range.

Prior to becoming a mom, I never really took notice to ingredients in products and causes of issues in my own skin… it wasn’t until I had Annabelle that I really focused on healthy skin for my family. I started to read ingredients and realized a lot of the damage being done was because my use of not so good products. While there is no right way to parent, there is a superior way to take care of your child’s skin and for this family we have chosen to stick with Dove. I feel like I stumbled upon a holy grail, lol but all jokes aside if you are a mommy like myself that has a child with sensitive skin these products are amazing and because I know you guys will ask I have been using Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture range on Annabelle and Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture range on Ayden. I hope this truly helps one of you because it’s been a true difference in my household. You can find Baby Dove at your local food, drug, mass, value, baby retailers and online retailers.

You can find out more about Baby Dove products and how we’re celebrating real moms by visiting BabyDove