The Fourth

Hi Loves,

I have to say I am super excited to share these images with you!. As most of you know when I first started my blog it was mostly fashion. As my life changed so did topics on my blog and now I consider it a lifestyle blog. I'm glad that the majority of you have stuck around and have seen the growth of LiiRaven which was previously RavenFashion. I started to notice within myself that I was straying away from my outfit posts and gearing towards my children and realized I was almost neglecting me. Now you all know I loooovvve my children but I also love me some me, so I am getting back to the basics.

I decided to take a different approach from how I post my looks. I am going to try and when I say try, if you are a mom you know plans never really go the way you want, but I am going to TRY to do my monthly look books.  Each week I will show you guys a look and at the end of the month I will tie all the looks into a story. Make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@ravenfashion28) for behind the scene looks of my shoots as well as my Instagram (@LiiRaven) for sneak peak pictures. 

For this shoot I teamed up with some creative minds to come up with what I think has been my best looks yet. If you guys don't know Jovan Rosario aka PonyBoy you must be living under a rock, his talent is just on some next level ish as I like to say. I not only had the pleasure of having him shoot me, but I also have the privilege of calling him a friend and I love that he gets me to tap into my creative side that sometimes I am scared to show.  Also helping on the shoot was Biannette Camillo of  and Gerardine Peralta of who are some of the most brilliant artistic minds I know and also friends of mine. If you guys followed me on my recent trip to Canada you know these two old souls were my traveling companions. I like to think of them as my modern day Lucy and Ethel and that's a compliment.

So that is the team behind this look book, so what is the story I am telling you through these images? Well its very simple "The Fourth" is that INDEPENDENT WOMAN in all of us that dares to defy stereo types. She is that woman that owns her independence and holds her head up high as she walks with confidence. All of us have that woman in us , its just a matter of owning it and loving it. Hey look I am a mom, but I am ok rocking short shorts or clear booties because its my style. If you are a woman that likes to wear flats or sweats, you better own it to the fullest because that's what you choose to do, because at the end of the day we are all FREE to live how we choose to live because that my friends is our right to be Independent!


Peace & Love