The All White Bathing Suit

Hi Loves,

I'm just going to say it, I have a love hate relationship with white bathing suits. Finding a nice white suit that not only is great but will stand the test of time when it comes to wash is very tricky. White bathing suits stain so easily and well lets not forget they can be very revealing in certain areas if you know what I mean, so to find one is always hard for me at least. I do want to share with you guys when washing your white bathing suit wash it by hand and separately , this will help a suit from not turning yellow. Regardless of this issue I tend not to shy away from them because they do look amazing against nice tan skin.

Once I knew I was going to Greece it was a must to bring a white bathing suit. This particular one I fell deeply in love with because of the detailing. LaReveche makes amazing bathing suits and I knew this was the one, you can find it here. I linked some other white styles I like for you guys, so what are you waiting for, go buy that white suit and look fierce. 

Peace & Love,