Flamingo Beach at The Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino


Hi loves I recently shared all about my trip to Aruba and many of you asked about my  experience seeing the Flamingos, so I figured I share in a separate post and give you a detailed experience of our day.


Prior to heading to Aruba, I heard about the Flamingo Beach, actually both negative and positive things, but I wanted to experience it myself and see what it really was like and I have to say there are things I loved and things I didn't, but overall would recommend to head to the private island.



The Flamingos can’t be found on just any beach in Aruba, only on the private island owned by Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino which is located on the west of the island. Be careful not to assume that you can just book when you get there as this attraction is mainly for guest of Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. Here are your options to get there: firstly, you can book a room at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino which if it were up to me we would have  booked this hotel... It was everything this bougie girl could dream of and more. If you are a guest you can travel to the private island for free on one of the resort’s ferries anytime you want, so you have a great chance of seeing them during your stay.


If you don't want to stay at the hotel you can call in and pay for a daily pass at $100 a person. This includes the use of the hotel’s ferry service and of course the beach. The Flamingos are once again not guaranteed to be there so keep in mind you are taking a chance. There are actually two separate parts of the private island, the side where the Flamingos frolic is an adult only beach and that is specifically for your children's safety. I can tell you the staff weren't strict on this , but personally I tried to get a shot of Annabelle in front of the Flamingos and let me tell you that those suckers booked it towards her so I didn't take a chance. They are not the friendliest little things and I was nipped feeding one so I am just forewarning you... hold your hands out wide and pray for the best. In all seriousness it wasn't a bad nip, but don't be surprised if it happens. Also if you are expecting a shot alone expect to wait, patience is a virtue and this is the mind set you must have because everyone is looking to get that money shot. 


The other side of the island is called Iguana Beach, which is kid friendly, during the afternoon they do a little show where the children get to feed the Iguanas. I can say it was very relaxing but honestly not much for kids to do. I would say bring beach toys and you will totally be ok with your kiddos. The food, drinks and staff were all great and we loved visiting this little spot. In my  personal experience, for the price of $100PP, it makes sense to book a room at the Renaissance Hotel  not only will you get to enjoy a fun time at Flamingo/Iguana Beach, but you’ll also get to spend the night at a gorgeous hotel.  I hope this helped you guys decide if you want to visit the Flamingos and stay tuned for our Florida Trip next week.

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Peace & Love,