Guest Bedroom Revamp With Raymour & Flanigan


Hi Babes,


As most of you know, I have been renovating our new home little by little and tackling decorating each room slowly but surely. One room I have been dying to get done was our guest-room. I teamed up with Raymour & Flanigan to create a fantastic guest room for our home, and I must tell you guys I am obsessed.



When we first moved into our new home, I placed furniture that I kept from our old house into this room. For me, I like to tell stories with each room in our home, and this room was not giving me anything, so I knew I had to redecorate. I want this particular space to make any guest feel like they were in their home away from home.  Comfort was my main concern and objective of this room. Our guest room is technically the master bedroom that we converted to a guest room, so I had plenty of space to work with. 


I wanted to find furniture pieces that gave me a modern farmhouse feel and immediately fell in love with the Capetown bedroom set. The color of this set is beyond perfect. I love that it has a light setting in the headboard; perfect for those nights I must work late on my laptop and don't want the light to bother my husband. I also love that there are multiple pieces you can switch out. Raymour and Flanigan pieces tend to be interchangeable, giving you the option to choose what you want as a set.  I decided on two-night stands, a dresser without a mirror, armoire, and bedframe to complete my collection. I knew to complete the room I wanted a seating option, so I chose the Lundie Chair, however, I felt as beautiful as the chair was, it overpowered the space, so I put the Trott Bench, which was initially for the end of the bed, by our window. The switch ended up working out better because I end up using the Lundie chair in our family room and bench by the window. The area by the window is probably my favorite space in the room. 


      Overall the room came out exactly how I wanted. I wanted to make sure that any guest in our home will feel comfortable, and I think I nailed it. The best part of it was that each piece was priced amazingly. During my shopping experience and Raymour and Flanigan in Bridgewater, NJ, the sales associate was so helpful in helping me pick out each section for our room. I was unsure how the chair would look in front of the bed so they moved the pieces together so I could have a visual. I don't know about you guys, things like that make me feel comfortable in purchasing big items because it shows me, they care about customer's purchasing the right item for their home. I am beyond happy with my purchase and how the room turned out. Stay tuned as I will be sharing more areas in the house as I finish them up.


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