Paris Photoshoot


Hi Loves,

I am sooo happy to finally share with you these amazing pictures from Paris. As I planned my trip to Paris I knew immediately I wanted to get my pictures professionally taken.  Some of you probably are wondering well aren't you a blogger and don't you have a great camera and the answer is yes but I was missing one thing and that's my mom who takes about 90% of my pictures. My mom knows my angles, and gets it, so we work well together, and since she wasn't on this trip I wanted to make sure I documented the moment I saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time. Look I am a Puerto Rican girl that grew up in Newark NJ. Heading to Paris was a dream that probably doesn't happen for a girl like me quite often. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, everything you guys see me share I worked hard for and I want my daughter to see that these things can be attained with sacrifice, hard work, dedication and most importantly by putting the man upstairs first.


Paris has always been a dream of mine to head to, but honestly intimidated me. I say intimidated because frankly you hear that Parisian people are not the friendliest, but honestly when I was there I was totally ok. I think I get it because in most ways I am like them, they are honestly blunt and say what they mean and mean what they say and I actually like that so for me I was cool with the attitudes lol and not everyone is like that. I don't think you can judge a whole Country by some interactions, I truly enjoyed the people, food and culture. I meant some sweet people there like my photographer on this shoot. Iona was so sweet and professional and knew all the perfect places to get the Eiffel Towers beauty, we even shot in two other locations which I'll share tomorrow. Ill tell you exactly what company I shot with and how I went about booking, but for now enjoy the pictures. I also did want to share my out fit details, I linked the dress belwo for you guys as well as simeilar styles.

Peace & Love,