Paris Photo shoot

Hi loves,

I got a lot of questions from you guys regarding my first post about my photo shoot so I am glad that I split these looks up in two parts. Like I said in my previous post I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot in Paris, so I immediately start researching Paris photographers. I found and immediately fell in love with their pictures. I emailed them and the response was instant. I have to say its not cheap but well worth it for me.They have different packages so they work with what you need, you are the driver in the planning.



The second part of the shoot I wanted to shoot in front of the  Louvre and I am so happy I did. What I love about this particular photography company is they listened to what I wanted. Prior to the shoot we spoke about the theme I was looking for and even my looks so my photographer could get a feel of how to shoot so pretty much the day of the shoot everything ran smoothly. I couldn't have asked for a better photo shoot, the results are everything I wanted and more. Once gain for me the pictures were worth it but if you want  to shoot with your own camera make sure to wake up super early so you don't have a crowd in your pictures. Hope this helps you guys. Check out the rest of the shoot below.

Peace & Love,