New Home for The New Year


Hi Loves,

Happy Holidays! I hope all of you are still enjoying the Holiday season with your loved ones. I have to say that I am extremely grateful for this year to come to end because with the end of the year being here its only natural to reflect on the goals I set for myself. Most of you that follow me know I shared my vision board and my goals for 2017 and I am extremely proud to say that most of what was on my vision board came into existence.  I look back at it and I can cry thinking about it  because I crushed my goals. 

One of the biggest goals that I  put out into the universe was to focus on finding my dream home for my children to be raised in. Mark and I have been in this house for almost 10yrs. This house has created so many memories for us, we grew into adults in this home. We were just two 25yr old kids just trying to figure life out... 5yrs later we got our first baby Raven (my dog) and we got married,  another year later had Annabelle and 2 more years later we had Ayden. We slowly realized that we have just grown out of this home and needed something to create lasting memories with our family. We are actually not selling this one but found a lovely family to rent it to, which by the way I told my husband being a landlord is all on him because I don't feel I would be good at it, just keeping it real, so homeboy has all those responsibilities.


The process of finding this home has not been easy, nor did I think it would be. We looked around but never fell in love with anything. This house literally fell into my lap in September when I was browsing online, it had everything we wanted and more. I text my husband I found it and when I sent him the link, he text me back I think you did. I made an appointment  for that weekend and when we walked into it  we immediately fell in love with this cozy expanded Ranch on a little cul-de-sac , we wanted to put an offer in asap...but when we received the sellers disclosure the next day it listed as a propane heated home and we wanted nothing to do with that. Though I was crushed I had it in my head that we will find the right house for us eventually. One week went by and the realtor called my husband asking if we were interested in the home, my husband explained to her about our dislike for the propane heat and she immediately told him that this information was incorrect and the house was updated to natural gas heat. My husband called me immediately to inform me my dream house  was still indeed the dream house I wanted, but now there was two offers on the home. I immediately started writing a letter to the sellers at the advice of a coworker who use to be in real estate. I wrote the most important letter I would write this year. I poured my heart into this letter , explaining why my family was the right choice to sell this home too. The letter and our offer was submitted on a Friday at 4pm.

The weekend was going to be a busy weekend with a birthday party we had to attend on Saturday and our family photo shoot on that Sunday. I was glad because my impatient butt would have focused on getting an answer from the sellers that weekend however everyone told me I wouldn't get anything till Monday so I went about my weekend with my family. Sunday came around and as we were taking our family photos when my phone rang and I saw the realtors phone number, I swear guys a knot formed in my throat. I looked at it for a while and my husband nudged me to pick it up. The rest was pretty fast, she explained that  the sellers had two offers that were more than our offer but because of my letter the sellers wanted us to have the home. It was like the perfect setting to get that news that we will be starting the new year in a new home. Though it was September when we found out the news the sellers wanted to spend their last Holidays in the home so our closing had to be 12/28/17(sellers choice). I am a believer in signs and this date felt amazing for me. My favorite number is 2 and 8 is my birthday , 28 is Annabelle's birthday , 82 is the year me and Mark were born, 12+17=29 which is Aydens birthday and yes that means his birthday is tomorrow. The address number is 1+1+5+4=1+1=2. This house was meant to be ours it was in the cards from the moment I tacked that picture on my vision board. Every time I think about it I get choked up. I am a girl that was always told that I wouldn't amount to anything, I grew up with the odds stacked against me, yet I fought for the things I wanted in life. I thank God everyday for my blessings and know it can be gone in a heart beat, but at this moment in time my heart is full and thankful for my many blessings and the things I can provide for my children. I had a great childhood but the one thing that I didn't have was a home that I grew up in and I wanted to make sure that my children grew up in the same place.

I look back at 2017 and there were ups and downs , but I made it through it. As you can see in that picture above I put Faith as a goal, I  actually put it twice because it was my number one goal. To talk more to God, to leave all things in his hands. I wanted to focus not so much going to Church but having my own relationship with him and in turn making other things take less room in my heart ad brain. I still have a lot to learn and experience and this new house will bring challenges, but I know with him first all is possible.

2018 is my year, I mean just look at the numbers:) Also check out a little quick empty house tour and make sure to subscribe to my channel as I will be sharing my move in ad decorating process. Dream big guys, because all is possible.

Peace & Love,