My Baby is 3!

Hi Loves,

Today might be just an ordinary Cyber Monday for you, but for me its a special day because my little girl turns 3...The fact that I just wrote that sends me in a world wind of emotions. I'm currently looking at her sleep  and I just cant believe I have a 3yr old. My baby is no longer a baby, but she will ALWAYS be my baby. 

Annabelle was born on Thanksgiving day, 6 days after her due date, I knew from that point my daughter was going to be a little girl that marched to her own beat. Most of you that have been following me on my journey of motherhood through social media know that my daughter is a smart little spunky 3yr old.

Annabelle loves music, specifically Elena of Avalar which is on repeat every morning on the way to school by her request. She currently knows how to say all her body parts in Spanish, her letters, counts to 30 and currently my favorite she creates everything that happens into her own song. She thinks pretty much any woman she meets that I introduce her to is her Titi, but pretty good at vibing not so nice people out. She is currently tough on her brother at the moment but very remorseful if she makes him cry. She also is obsessed with anything princess and when she is upset she does this growl and tells me no, which is pretty hard not to laugh at.

My daughter is perfection in my eyes, she is what I dreamed of as a parent. Annabelle is just like any other 3 yr old just trying to navigate through this crazy world. There are days that I'm like little girl you are testing me, but I am beyond grateful that God chose me to help her navigate through life. So, here is to another year of life baby girl, mommy loves you and hope you have the most amazing birthday any little girl could wish for.

Stay tuned for two Birthday blogs! I will be sharing her 2nd and 3rd party pictures and sharing all the party ideas, but for now here are some pictures from her 3rd birthday shoot with Jamie Meile Photography who is beyond amazing and always knows how to bring my vision to life.

Peace & Love,


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