Las Vegas with Kids



Hi Loves,

I know I have been kind of slow on the blog but for a good reason. The last few weeks have been crazy with two friends bachelorette parties, the house, work and personal life matters; blogging had to take a back seat. I have to be honest things have been piling up and overwhelming me and usually when I get overwhelmed it starts to build on my anxiety, so I needed a little break. A vacation was needed and boy what a vacation it was, if you saw my Instagram stories, you know what I am talking about. My girlfriend planned a trip to Vegas for her bachelorette, so I thought I would bring the kids and my mother to visit my brother who lives in Vegas. The last time we saw each son Ayden wasn't even walking yet, so it was a no-brainer. Now I know most people wouldn't think of Vegas as a place to take children, including myself but I am happy to report back that you surely can bring children and they will have a good time.

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Before my trip, I did some research like I always do and my primary concern was for sure a kid-friendly hotel. I knew my brother was going to be working some of the days so our first half we stayed at the Venetian Hotel. Per my research, many stated it was kid-friendly, so I decided this was the place for us. What I loved about the hotel is that the suites are twice the size of an average suite in Las Vegas, giving the kids room to run around and be kids. The lobby alone will leave you in awe, I mean you will love this place. The hotel has ten pools spread out over 1.2 acres of space. I loved that they thought about families and those who want to have fun away from kids could lounge and not worry about kids splashing them.


The hotel also has an amazing Gandala experience; unfortunately, we didn't experience it, but it looked fun. Just a tip if you do go you can get tickets there at 9:30 am, so if you do want to experience the Gondolas wakeup early and get your tickets. I would say the great thing is you can walk outside with the kiddos and have fun. I do however want to warn you that Vegas depending on the time of year can be extremely hot during the day so the walking around should be saved for the night. Always hydrate yourself and kiddos, and you should be ok. Overall my children enjoyed Las Vegas and so did this mommy. If you ever had concerns about taking your kids, I wouldn't because my toddlers enjoyed themselves.

Peace & Love,