I'm a Part-time Blogger/Full-Time bad ass

Hi Loves,


Every once in a while I get the urge to write a post like this and after yesterday I felt it was only right to share with you guys how I am feeling. As most of you that have followed me from the very beginning know I have a full-time job. I think its time you guys understand what I do on a daily Monday-Friday, so you understand why I am so busy.I would love to say that I work in some fashion industry job but I don't, some how my career took a left turn and placed me where I am at today. My career is a Patient Advocate for Cancer patients , I have worked for my company for 9yrs helping patients all across the country obtain medication they need to survive and have a quality of life. I have spoken in front of top Oncologist  and helped thousands of families have more time with their loved one through the medications my company provides. When people on the outside find out what I do , they make a big deal about it, I guess I have been doing it so long that I don't realize that I am changing lives. Though it wasn't the job of my dreams, I do love my job extremely and proud of the things I have accomplished.  I have traveled the country  and met amazing people because of my job, it definitely changed the once 25yr old young lady into the 35yr old woman I am today. You must be wondering how I got to where I'm at in my life, well you see I always feel God places you where you need to be.  I had just graduated with a degree in Communications/Television and Broadcast Journalism and working as a pharmacy technician as well as working in the city at a top brokerage firm ,contemplating moving to California to make it in fashion or show business. A friend at the time was working for the company I work for today and stated they were a small pharma looking for people to help grow a patient support program, my experience as a pharmacy technician helped me get this job and almost 10yrs later it's the best decision I made. 

Fast forward to 2012 when I started my blog once called Ravenfashion. Now I originally only started this blog as an outlet to share my love of fashion, but it grew into more as I got married, had children and just grew into a woman. I started to share more about my life because you guys asked and I obliged,lol. Honestly it was very organic how it grew because I shared more about myself and you guys seemed to love it. I feel like I know you guys especially my loyal following that have seen me grow, your comments give me life. You guys have seen me go through it with both of my pregnancies and having to put the blog on hold for a combined time of two years.  Though 2012 is the start of my blog I have fully been blogging for 3yrs. I would love to spend more time on the blog, but once again I started this blog as an outlet and it's mine. I would love to post everyday, but reality is my priorities are different from other bloggers. It doesn't mean I don't work hard on the blog or not being authentic to it, it just means my priorities are different from a full time blogger or person that wants this as a career. You guys are probably wondering what I am getting at , I promise I have a point just keep reading.

Since starting my blog the blogging industry has changed dramatically and this point it is what is . The blogging industry is saturated with social media influencers, youtubbers, travel blogs, beauty blogs, Instagram personalities..... I can go on and on . Now for me I have and will continue to be the type of person that follows her own beat. I will continue to do the things I want because guess what it's my blog. Social Media and people are always going to have opinions on how you do things, that's the sucky part about blogging, but it comes with the territory so I get it. I guess I am programmed differently and could care less what another blogger is doing with their blog and social media because I truly believe what others do will not mess with my destiny, its in the cards already. If you ever noticed  a lot of these bloggers are miserable and complain all day,lol. I laugh because these people complain all day everyday about social media, their lives, opportunities and other influencers yet will break bread with that same person they were talking crap about. When I first started I trusted everyone, I was that blogger that complained about another copying me because one I was young and dumb and two I didn't know what I know now. That's one thing you will never get from me, guys I just can't be that person, this industry is fake, but that is not something that is in me. I will continue to share what I like with you guys, I will continue to do giveaways till I feel I am over it, I will continue to be the bad ass mom of two that shares what I WANT when I WANT.  Yes the industry is frustrating, but it really isn't that serious and for any blogger reading this focus on your happiness, I guarantee 100% you will smile more unless you are just a miserable person I can't help you, go take a yoga class or something. I want all you guys to know I will continue to share and be me that won't change one bit. Fun fact the picture above is of one my first work trips to Alaska I was 26 and  grateful for the experience, that girl is still in me. I am so grateful for life, life is good!

Peace & Love,