How To Pick The Perfect Swimsuit 2017

Happy Thursday Loves,

You guys are probably wondering why I am talking about bathing suits when there is snow still on the ground  and I am going to tell you just that! Right now is actually the best time to shop for bathing suits and I am not just going to give you one reason I am going to give you many reasons why! Just Keep Reading!

I actually have been purchasing my swimwear prior to Spring/Summer season since I can remember. I always found that if I waited during Spring or Summer I could never find what I was looking for, hence why I shop early. 

I mainly shop at three places for my swimwear unless I find something randomly. 

  • ASOS- always  and I mean always have amazing affordable suits on their site. I have been getting my swimwear from this site for years.


  • Target- is another store I shop for bathing suits... I love that I can mix and match with their swimwear.


  • Forever 21- is another place , specifically online I have been picking up bathing suits for years.

The Past three years the way I shop for bathing suits have changed and the reason for this is I became a mom. I have realized some of my suits well are just not appropriate to wear to a kiddie pool, but don't get me wrong you wont catch me dead in a mom full coverage frumpy bathing suit because well that's not me and it never will be me. You definitely don't have to sacrifice style for comfort when it comes to your swimwear.

Now in days you are seeing more sexy one piece suits and even high waist which is a play on the 60's era. I prefer a good one piece or off the shoulder , but make sure you are picking something that flatters your body type. It bothers me to no end when I see a girl that is beautiful, but wearing a  bathing suit that is not flattering.

Here are some tips to picking your perfect swimwear and ladies I follow these rules myself.

If you are on the shorter side be careful when picking a high waist suit, you may want to hide the mid-section but what you are actually doing is giving the illusion of a square shape and you so don't want to do that. If you are concerned of hiding that stubborn FUPA opt for a one piece with a high cut so you can still have some sexy, but cinching that waist.

If you are long and have no waist like myself opt for something that either elongates your legs even more like a one piece with a plunge and high cut or an off the shoulder. You always want to accentuate your best assets.

For my more curvy girls an off the shoulder is amazing, as well as a halter style to hold your girls up. I know some of you hate showing your arms and believe it or not there are amazing suits this season that cover your arms but are still stylish.

Below I am sharing some of my favorite styles for this season. I know its scary to think about putting yourself in a bathing suit, but buy it girl and make it your goal to look good in that suit. Own it, work it and love that body hunnie!

Peace & Love