Happy Birthday Ayden

Hi Loves,

I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas and Hanukkah. I am still on vacation and actually have a little stomach bug, but I am trooping through as its Ayden's birthday today and nothing will stop me from celebrating this little guys first year of life. The fact that I just wrote that amazes me. I say every time I celebrate a birthday for one of my children that I want time to just pause because I don't want them to grow up. I know its the selfish part of me that wishes they stay young , but I just do. I cant  picture a life without them tiny and needing me but I know that's how life works, but I so wish I had a magic button that can pause these precious moments I love so much.

As most of you that follow me know Ayden was a surprise for us, but an amazing surprise. I was planning on starting the process of having a second child, but he surely beat me to it. He came into the world 3 days shy of the new year and from that point on has been the best little boy in my life. Though its been tough with him as he is just so sensitive and bound to get sick after him having RSV, he still is a happy little baby. He smiles through any sickness and has the best little giggle. I laugh at the fact that he has blonde hair and now its curling so much. He is the opposite of his sister  in which he is very  attached to me which I don't mind at all,lol.

So on this day  for my sons first birthday, my wish is that he has a special day that I can share with him when he is older. I pray that he looks at life the way he looks at it now with no hate and just pure love and joy. Happy Birthday Ayden , mommy loves you to the moon and back.

Peace & Love,


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