Handbags I'm Lusting Over

Hi Loves,

When it comes to the perfect handbag I am one to not care about the cost, but I do care if it can last through trends. I think a lot of women spend money on the "IT BAG" but regret it years later, wasting away so much money. I too have been that girl when I was younger, but as I got older I realized that as I saw bags that I couldn't wear building in my closet, that it was time for a change on how I purchased my bags. I am a much smarter shopper when making a big or small purchase... I literally ask myself when I pick up a bag up in a store or shopping online if I will wear this bag 10 years from now, if the answer is no I simply put the bag down.  If its a statement bag I look at it as a work of art or something I can pass down to my daughter. My daughter already has an amazing collection of her own. I'm sharing with you guys some awesome bags to have in your closet and will last through the seasons.When shopping for this Spring and Summer think cross-bodies and cute totes. I linked some bags below for your shopping pleasure.

Peace & Love,