Fun Vacation In Florida

Hi Loves,

Planning a family vacation for many seems like a daunting task, but I tend to think the opposite...I guess maybe because I never let having children stop me from planning trips. As most of you that follow me know I end up in Florida at least 4 times a year, It helps that I have family that live there and my mom has a time share, but honestly you don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun in Florida. I wanted to share some tips and places you can go to with your little ones without hurting your pockets


  • If you are planning to go to Disney take advantage of your little ones being under two they are free, I hate when people say they are too little. The memories are enough for you to love and cherish.
  • I would avoid summer time, its super hot and season ticket holders clog the lines. Go during Fall or Spring months.
  • Use the Disney App and plan your day out, buy your tickets online and get the fast passes setup. We are pros at it now so I know where I am going but if you are new to Disney it helps your day run smoother.


  • Blizzard Beach is a full day of fun that everyone in the family can enjoy. I love that there are rides for you and older children. The water park  is cheaper than any park so its a great way to enjoy the Florida Sun and let you little ones go crazy.


  • Disney Springs is a place I tend to venture to while in Florida because it literally has everything you can think of. Entertainment, shopping, dining, you name it Disney Springs has it.

  • My daughter loves the carousel and train express.

  • CHARACTERS IN FLIGHT…OPERATED BY AEROPHILE: Ascend 400 feet in the air as you hover over Disney Springs in the world’s largest tethered helium balloon. 

  • AMC Movie Theatre

  • Splitsville Luxury Lanes


    Unwind at an open-air venue along Lake Buena Vista where special events, activities and live performances take place every day and night. From full band concerts to a DJ Kids Dance Party, it’s the perfect place to get your entertainment fix. 

  • Ill be sharing more about Florida in  the months to come because we will be making a trip out there soon, but I truly hope this helps those of you who second guessing planning a trip out to Florida.

Peace & Love,