Fringe Momma + We All Grow Announcement

Hi Guys,


I feel like I have been in such a rut lately. I don't know if it's because I have so much going on with the house and Ayden's birthday party or I am just uninspired these past two weeks. Have you guys ever felt because your home is unorganized that you feel like your life is unorganized? Well I can tell you that's how I am feeling lately. I had this genius idea to add on top of everything to create a big girl room for Annabelle, so I think I am just overwhelmed with it all, but I'm slowly getting it together.

 I woke up this morning telling myself Lissette get your shit together and make it happen. I caught up on emails and wrote out my 2017 plans for this blog. I feel there is so much more of me and my creativity that I want to share with you guys especially with home decor tips because so many of you have been asking for it so keep asking so it pushes me to do it. Anyway with that said the first great thing for 2017 that I really haven't shared with you guys, but I am very excited to share is, I will be speaking at the We All Grow Summit in Long Beach California, and even more exciting is I will be doing it with my girl Bibi Camillo of  Biannette. We are going to be sharing with attendees all the tricks on creating amazing flat-lays and staying true to your aesthetic at the same time. If you have never been to a Summit as a blogger you are missing out. The workshops are amazing and the atmosphere is very welcoming. I am very excited to be a part of  the Summit this year and cant wait to share my experience.

Since Bibi and I are presenting together we decided to shoot a look together and I love how it turned out, I don't want to share most pictures of us two, but all of you have been asking about my outfit details, especially this sweater which is becoming one of my favorites, so here you go . If you are in love with it as much as I am, its from JollyChic. I paired it with a cute hat and cute low ankle boots for a casual look.

Thanks for stopping by guys and as always thanks for the love.


Peace & Love,