For The Love Of Coachella

Hi Loves,

It's crazy that it has been almost 3 weeks since Coachella. If you have never been and you are a music lover this festival is a must. This was my 2nd trip out to Palm Springs and I have to tell you it was better than the last. This time around my cousin and I chose to do VIP and it was well worth it. If you have been before you know the walk from parking is hell in general admission, so not having to do that walk was worth every penny...also the food selection is 10 times better in VIP. Not that I am a celebrity stalker, but if you are you can be sure to catch your favorite celebrity/youtuber/model chilling in VIP trying to take the perfect selfie.

I always love going to this festival because it has everything I love Food/Music/Fashion/Art all these combined make for the perfect weekend getaway. I however would inform anyone thinking of going to be realistic, you are in the sun, on your feet walking all day so you are going to be exhausted. Anyone thinking of going next year be smart and plan your days and sets you want to see because it's a lot jammed in one weekend. I think a lot of people look at social media and get there and think what did I get myself into. If you don't like walking, heat and crowds this is not for you. I prefer to pay the extra money so I can feel comfortable and better bathroom options,lol. If you are a blogger there are tons of great parties to attend but plan ahead because they are invite only.

Overall Coachella was a blast and I do plan on going again next year since Beyonce is 1000% going to perform. Here are some pics from my weekend and stay tuned for detailed outfit post.