Fall Monochromatic Table-Scape


It's no surprise that I like to switch the decor in my home a lot. Fun fact when my brothers and I were younger, we would clean our house with my mom, and maybe once a month we would switch the furniture in our rooms to give a new vibe. This home motto stuck with me and surely is not for everyone, but hear your girl out on why this is something you should take into consideration when decorating around your home.


Switching furniture around or even your decor can give you a new vibe in your home without spending any money, it also is an excellent way to start a new season. This trick was my families way of making our house feel new because we didn't have the money to spend on new things and our bonding time that I thoroughly miss. I have rules or more like a method to my madness, and your girl is going to share them with you today.


The changing of the seasons for me means time to switch up the feel and look of my home. Now that I am in my new home, this for me is starting fresh. I switch my home style out five times a year. I usually switch out my decor in my living room and dining room during September, December, January, April, and June. I'll touch upon this in a separate post, on small ways you can switch up your home without breaking the bank, but for now, let's get this cute table-scape.


This year I'm into black and white, and if you know me, I am so not afraid of texture. I saw these cute pumpkins from Hobby lobby, as well as the chargers and went from there. I found the tray at Home Goods and knew I needed a focal centerpiece so stopped at Marshall's and got lucky and found these black matted plates and these napkins that matched perfectly. The vase was a steal at $16 bucks, and I just added these cute pumpkin sticks that were $7.99. The final touch was the Rae Dunn pumpkins, which I got super lucky they had six on hand. Overall super happy with the way it turned out. Stay tuned for a little video on my IGTV of this space. Hope you guys like this look as much as I do and as always thanks for stopping by.

Peace & Love,