Ending 2016 On A Positive Note

Hi Loves,

Happy New Year's Eve! I have seen so many post on social media and friends in general stating how they are so ready for 2016 to end and how miserable it was and though I can agree that 2016 wasn't my best year I can say that  reflecting and looking back I can't help but to be thankful.  I can't sit here and be comfortable with myself and say my year was horrible because lets face reality there is a lot more going in the world that I can say is horrible and tragic. So on this New Year's Eve I don't have  resolution but I do have a prayer. I pray that  we see a world with less hate and more peace. I pray that 2017 we can see the Syrian people get the help they need. I pray that one less child goes hungry and one less person is judged by the color of their skin. Going into 2017 that's all I ask for.

I had some great things happen this year when it comes to LiiRaven. I went on amazing cruise with my family. I got to go on two press trips  and landed an amazing campaign with a big brand. I feel since the launch of LiiRaven this year I have grown and even within the past two months have seen some amazing things happen with this blog. I like to contribute that to great people that are in my life, you guys know who you are. Without the motivation and support I think I would have quit blogging a long time of ago, so i thank you guys. Even this month ending with a great look book and amazing trip with my whole family I couldn't have asked for a better way to end 2016. I thank all of you that have been around from day one and those of you that are new to this journey  I hope you stick around to see what I come up with in 2017.

Here is to a great year to come. Love you all! 

Peace & Love,