Who are you to tell me how to feel?

Hi all,

I fought long and hard  about how to write this post because I know I am going to ruffle some feathers, but at this point I can give two sh!ts because I'm tired of people telling me how to react when it comes to this election. This election has been a world wind of emotions and honestly I am beyond disgusted with the way I see people act because another person's views are not their own. I have learned in my 34 years of living that I have to learn to agree to disagree. I also have learned spewing hate will solve nothing, but make this world ugly and what is it solving? Not a damn thing. My life has never and will never revolve around politics because my faith as a Christian woman is way stronger than any person that holds office, so feel the way you do but don't you dare tell me how to feel and act. Do not dare tell me how to use my platform that I created and put time into everyday. What I choose to share is what I choose to share, if you choose to follow me great, but if you want to leave there is the door, don't let it hit you on the way out.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton were our choices for President and with that said the last one standing was Trump, so as an American I can only move forward and say to myself lets see what happens. Let's see what this man does for America, lets see if he builds us up or breaks us down. Am I scared yes, do I fear for my fellow Latinos that are immigrants, of course, but being negative wont solve it. My whole life I was the person in the corner of a room observing and this election was no different. I sat back and observed on social media, conversations between coworkers and family members and I watched the venom that spewed from each party and it broke me. What scares me more than Donald Trump is YOU the people out there so angered and what you do to each other because of two people that to be frank will still live great lives after the election. 

The question you all have to ask yourselves is what are you doing to make this world better, how are you going to make a difference and that is a very simple answer my friends. STOP THE HATE!! YOU CAN ONLY CONTROL YOU AND WHAT YOU PUT INTO THIS WORLD. I choose to live my life and teach my children that regardless of a persons color, gender, sexuality you have to be kind to others. I teach my children that we are all God's children and to love all. My daughter will know she can be anything she wants to be because her MOM taught her that not Hilary Clinton. My son will know how to respect women not because Donald Trump taught him that, but because he loves his mommy and will treat women the way he treats her. My children will learn to be GOOD people because of ME.

My silence is not because I don't care, my silence is because I do!

Peace & Love,