Daring Myself

Hi Loves,

So lately I feel myself daring to step out of my comfort with fashion. As social media gets bigger its easier for things to become a trend, so for me I just purchase things I like. When making any purchases I try not to purchase trendy items because I know its probably not going to stay for long. Fashion is like a revolving door, one minute things can be in and the next minute out. Perfect example of something I didn't purchase and it was all over, those lace up  leather or faux leather pants. Boy in the beginning of the summer you saw everyone with them, for me it was just not a style I was jumping on. Now kitten heels are huge with the pointed heel, yup that also a trend you wont see on me. I have no interest in a shoe that looks like I have  size 11 foot, however there are people who will buy it because its a trend or maybe they truly like them. See the great thing about fashion is you can make it what you want. 

As you can see by all my outfits I share I go for things that work for me and I like. I can spend money on a designer item or totally buy something from Forever 21 its what I choose. Being a blogger it can be so easy to get something because someone else has it and don't get me wrong I am inspired by some people on social media and will always give credit where credit is due, but I think for me I am inspired by me. For me it starts off with a piece and literally a vision of how I am going to wear it pops in my head. If you ever watched the movie Clueless, the scene where Cher is picking her outfits on her computer and it pops out of her closet, my brain is like her closet. I visually see what I want to create and it pops up.

This outfit that I am sharing today started off with this sweatshirt that I got in two colors. I believe its available in 4 colors. I'm obsessed with the details and love the twist on your everyday sweatshirt. I love that you can wear this top with heels or sneakers so it gives you more options. Whenever you are shopping I want you to ask yourself how many ways can I wear this, and this truly will eliminate unnecessary items in your closet. I chose to pair it with heels and knew I wanted to pair with readers, talk about readers how adorable are these heart readers? I know wearing heart shape glasses are not for everyone but I couldn't resist. I also styled it with my vintage Gucci, which by the way Gucci is huge right now, so see its always smart to save your designer handbags. The point is guys if buying trends don't spend a lot, invest in timeless items. I hope you guys like this outfit, definetly something different for me, but I am loving it.

Peace & Love,