Calligraphy Cut with ÉLAN HAIR STUDIO

Hi Loves,

Happy Wednesday!I am on my way to Sunny California! I have so much to do and so little time, but before I begin the madness of We all Grow, I wanted to share about my experience at ÉLAN HAIR STUDIO! This Salon is top notch ladies! The owners of this salon take pride in educating all their stylist to stay ahead of the trends and offer an amazing Private Suite for Thinning Hair Solutions & Bridal parties, which is amazing. They even offer On-Location Hair & Makeup Service, *À Louer by Élan. If you are close to Sea Girt or willing to drive I say its worth it.

ÉLAN HAIR STUDIO is an award winning salon recognized as a Top 200 Salon by Salon Today Magazine.  Nadine Picinic-Artistic Educator/Hair & Makeup Artist worked on my hair and I have tell you my hair never felt better. As most of you saw on my insta-stories and snap chat a couple of weeks ago , she used a technique called Calligraphy Cut on my hair. I'm sure you are thinking what is that and I have tell you when Nadine Explained it to me I had no idea about this tool or style of cutting. The experience at the salon was beyond amazing . We first did my color consultation...Nadine listened to exactly what I wanted and I loved that she gave me realistic expectations . Ladies always  be mindful about what a hair stylist is telling you about color, if someone is telling you they can take you from  black to blonde in one sitting run fast. You don't ever want to damage you hair just to get a color, so Nadine assured me we can get close to the color I want but because I was dark I realistically would have to come back again. I love that the salon uses *SureTint" a software  to store & mix all of their clients formulas for continued consistency, so you never have to worry about your color going wrong.

Once my color  was complete it was time for the cut. I was a little nervous not going to lie, but Nadine waked me through the process and what exactly she was doing. It made me feel even better knowing that she is one of two Gold Star educators  of this technique. The hair is cut on  21 degree angle, which creates the most precise haircut with movement and body. My hair instantly felt airy and bouncy. Its been two weeks since I received my haircut and this cut helped cut  my blow dry time in half. I love that I got the volume back in my hair.

When Frank Brormann created the Calligraphy Cut  Pen his goal was to give the hairdresser total control of a  hair cutting experience. This style allows the hairdresser to give fine hair more shape, more volume, create new customized hairstyles. The results from the Calligraphy Cut made with Calligraphy Pen give fine hair volume, elasticity, flexibility, movement and allow the customer to style easily at home. I am super happy with this cut and will let you guys know how my hair is in a couple of months and because I love you guys so much if you are in the NJ area, ÉLAN HAIR STUDIO will give you guys $20 off your haircut, all you have to do is mention my blog, your hair will thank me later.

Peace & Love,