Being in a funk and not faking the funk


Hi Loves

Have you ever been so unmotivated to do anything that negative thoughts start forming in your head that your head feels like its going to explode? Well, that's the space I am in right now.  Lately, I feel social media especially the blogging world is smoke and mirrors.  You guys get to see the amazing part of it all; the trips, the gifts, and the exciting opportunities that are given to myself and other bloggers. What you don't see is the fake, competitive, shadiness of it all and sometimes it is beyond annoying to deal with. You know that saying, " With the good comes the bad," well that saying holds true in this industry.


I love to share with you guys all the things that inspire me, but it can be overwhelming, and when I get in the space of negative thoughts I tend to check out. Lately, I see everyone competing and writing a shady post against each other and just makes me feel, well it makes me feel like shit. I'm sure you guys are like Lissette girl focus on you, that's easier said than done. Just like you guys, I like to be motivated and inspired, and when you see your fellow creators being cynical, you tend to absorb that energy. I hate to complain because shit lets keep it funky with each other, there are others that have a right to complain, but I am also one that is in tune with my feelings and can't ignore that I am not feeling happy or motivated. Don't get me wrong I can be petty betty, but I tend to do that in my group chats, wouldn't you love to read those chats. I am just over negative stuff on social media, so lately I have been focusing on kids, and it has been getting me back to a good place.  I am always going, to be honest with you guys, so I hope you understand I need to just take time for me at the moment and when I motivated I will share things with you.

Peace & Love,