Beach Day Cali Style

Hi Loves,

One more day and it's Friday woohoo! I am here reminiscing over my lovely beach day with the kids. During our trip to Palm Springs we decided that we wanted to stop at a beach, so we chose Huntington Beach since it was on the way to Disney Land. To be honest it was a little chilly, so there was no way we were getting in that water, but a nice stroll and watching the kids play was all I needed. Ayden was a little apprehensive about touching the sand, but got use to it after awhile . Annabelle was so intrigued and scared of the big waves and thought it was going to eat her up like it did to Arial in The Little Mermaid,lol. I love how the darnedest things come out of her mouth, I hold on to those moments because I know in a blink of an eye she will be in a prom dress.

It was a great time watching them just be kids, I truly live for these moments and can we talk about how cute Annabelles jumpsuit is. Both my pants and her jumpsuit are from a brand called Harlow Jade. Ayden's jumper is from the Gap.

If you have little ones, little simple things like this are the best memories. We even threw a bottle in the ocean with messages to someone in the world. I hope the messages finds its way to someone who really needs it and it makes their day. Check out some more pics of our beach day.

Peace & Love,