Be The Cool Mom

Happy Valentine's Day Loves,

I am actually  not really into V-Day well that is unless it has to do with my kids. I have always been the type that if you are going to send me flowers or take me to dinner it should be on a normal day, just my view on it. I do however love create cute little gifts for my children and their classmates.

Now That my daughter is 3 she loves to help with creating her classmates little gifts. My mother always sent me to school with  something for classmates, so I have literally become my mom when its comes to making sure my kids as well as their classmates receive something cute on holidays.

It doesn't take much  to  create a cute valentine for your kid's classmate...

  1. First you need a list of the classmates, simply ask the teacher for all the names.
  2. Now that you have list count how many girls and how many boys if you choose to get cute valentines to cater to a boy or girl.
  3. My daughter chose Disney Princess for the girls and Finding Nemo for the boys.
  4. Purchase goody bags which you can go to your local dollar store. I found these cute bags with hearts on it and start filling them up with goodies.
  5. When picking treats think of the age group and choking hazards. I chose to put stickers  and some candy in it. For my sons goody bags since his class is infants I put stickers and puffs.
  6. You can also bring something for the teachers, a simple box of chocolate from your child will make any teacher smile.


Now for my kids gifts, I went to my local drugstore and picked some cute candy assortments  and headed to Walmart for some cute toys. You don't have to go crazy, but for me I love surprising my kids. My son loves Mickey so I made sure I put Mickey items in his box and well Annabelle has a few favorites so I mixed it up. I plan on giving them their Valentine after school, so I cant wait for their reactions. Either way you decide to send your kids off with treats for their friends, you will be known as the cool mom.

Happy Valentine's Day!