Baby Proof Home with Munchkin

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Munchkin, as always all opinuons are my own.


Hi Loves,

Happy Friday! It's been a crazy few weeks of moving into our new home and one of the most important things I knew I had to do was baby proof the house for my little guy Ayden. Annabelle pretty much understands not to touch things and can easily get up and down the stairs with no help, but Ayden is only two so I needed to make sure I took the necessary precaution to baby proof everything. 


I am very particular about the brands that I use when it comes to my children and the one brand that has never fails me has been Munchkin. If you haven't seen my travel post go here to check out what I use when  I travel with my kids, but today I wanted to talk about what I use in my home to make it safe for my little ones. 


In my old home I already had a few safety products  that I loved from Munchkin, but with a bigger house, means more doorways, more plugs to I knew I had to purchase more items for safety. Once I knew we were moving in I went on Munchkin's website and fell in love with their updated sleek gates. Lets face it gates can be an eye sore in your home and I think Munchkin really took into consideration, moms like myself who love their home to look contemporary, but also making sure their children are safe from harms way. The vibe gate immediately caught my eye and now that I have it, I am actually contemplating on switching out my other gates. I love the way it goes with my decor and best part my son can't attempt to climb it. I really love the clean lines of the gate, plus the installation was super easy.


Munchkin also has other great items to child proof like their impact corner cushions, plug covers, and door knob covers. All of these items are a must have, if you have children who like to get into things like my son. I love the doorknob covers because Ayden loves to open doors and now that I have a pool it just makes me feel better that he cant open doors to outside. Whether you are a parent to be or a parent who has little ones currently, these items are a must for your home because safety is number one, at least in my eyes. I know I feel reassured that I have these items and its a plus that I don't have to sacrifice the style of my home either. I hope you guys love these little tips and I will be sharing more home updates soon.

Peace & Love,