Aruba vacation with Kids


Hi Loves,

 I'm so excited for this year and starting fresh in our new home, it is an amazing feeling . Currently I would love to say things are going smooth, but right now my life is filled with a messy house full of boxes, trips to Home Depot and Tile stores... with the good comes the bad right? I love that we are starting fresh, but boy do I hate the moving process, it's tedious and sucks the life out of you. We have been  officially living in the new home for less than a couple of weeks, so please understand I might be MIA on here and social media, but if I have time I will definitely post some stuff up for you guys, like this post. My husband and I decided to head to Aruba with the kids in November for a family vacation and I am so happy we did.


Lets face it planning trips with children can be hard and most people avoid even planning them when they have toddlers. To be honest until this trip my mother always went with us to be a third set of hands because one toddler is hard but two is a another level. My husband and I agreed the perfect place to try a vacation for us alone with the kids had to be Aruba. Our first vacation away as parents was Aruba, I believe Anabelle was 11 months. I fell in love with Aruba , the people, food and atmosphere were just amazing. It seriously is the perfect place for a family to go. I love that you can walk around at night and not feel like you're not safe. 


The hotel my husband chose was the Holiday Inn because he wanted to save some money and that's totally fine but I personally would have not chose this location and I'll tell you why. My husband calls me high maintenance,  and I will hold that title proudly. You see guys when I am on vacation, I could care less for an upgraded view room , but I do care for a bed that my body melts right into and a shower that leaves you wanting to stay in for an extra 10 minutes and well lets say this hotel doesn't give you that. The rooms are outdated and we even had an issue where we had to be switched to another room do to a leak from the roof. However I will say the staff were super helpful and friendly and the grounds itself was beautiful. I do like that we did not pay for our children's food at the resort and the location was perfect walking distance to restaurants and in town. If you are looking for a hotel that is conviently centered around restaurants and walking distances from shops this hotel will be perfect for you.


Here are my top five reasons to head To Aruba with kids...

Great Weather All Year Round

The island is situated right outside where most hurricanes hit.We all know it sucks to plan a family vacation and not being able to enjoy it due to crappy weather also planning your trip around hurricane season can be hard for some so this is a perfect place to head to with the family.


Safest Caribbean Island

 Aruba has one of the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. Unlike some other Caribbean vacation destinations, in Aruba there is no need for you to remain on your hotel property, we took night strolls around the island worry-free.  There was no point where I felt uncomfortable with my kids.  The people of Aruba truly are the sweetest people you will come across.


Direct Flights from most major airports

As a top family vacation spot, Aruba offers direct flights from major US airports; Miami is only a 2.5-hour flight and New York/New Jersey is just a 4-hour flight. In Aruba you can pay for everything with US dollars too. The locals speak English fluently and will be happy to help you with your questions.


You will Love The Food

Whether you are looking to enjoy the local cuisine or for the picky eater in your group, the food in Aruba will not disappoint. Giannis Restaurant Aruba was amazing, try their Italian Spaghetti al Formaggio Parmigiano. They basically bring out a large wheel of Parmesan cheese, shave out some cheese, pour whisky on it, light it on fire and when the flames die down they pour in the cooked spaghetti and roll it around completely covering the spaghetti with the cheese. Its so good and the kids will enjoy the show.


Friendly Baby Beaches

The beaches are truly the best in Aruba and resorts on the island sit directly on the beaches making it easy for you to enjoy with your family. There are literally no waves  on the south side of the island and you’ll be comforted to know you wont step on any rocks as you make your way into the water with your little one. 


I truly enjoyed Aruba with my family and hope this helps you decide on a trip with yours. I would say to make sure you check out the Waltzing Waters at Paseo Herencia they give three nightly shows every hour starting at 7:30pm . Annabelle really enjoyed watching the water move to the sounds of all her favorite Disney songs. Over all the trip was amazing and we definitely plan on heading back to Aruba with kids in the near future.


Peace & Love,