Annabelle's Snow White 3rd Birthday

Hi Loves,

I hope all of you that are braving this blizzard are staying nice and warm and those of you that are in warmer climates are basking in the sun. I figured since I am up early I'd write this post that is long overdue. If you know me you know that I love to party plan, it's a curse and a blessing that I have this creativity in me. I am a perfectionist so I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and each time I worry myself for no reason because the kids end up having an amazing time.

This year for Annabelle's third birthday I decided on a Snow White theme because she was on a Snow White kick, currently it's Moana. I knew I wanted it at this place Diamond Gymanstics because we had previously attended a birthday party and she had so much fun. Having a party at a place like this there is but so much you can do when it comes to decorations. Normally I would have a backdrop but that couldn't happen, so I made  it work and did a cute candy table. I think it turned out perfect. My girl Sophia of Pop Culture Cake Pops always does so amazing on my treats. She made chocolate covered oreos, and amazing cakepops. I also ordered snow white cookies off Etsy and they were beautiful. I had my cake lady Laura who never steers me wrong when it comes to my cakes, make an amazing cake for my guest. Overall the treat table is always a hit at my parties and it was a hit with the kids. I even had a Snow White impersonator , which was the highlight of the party.

For the party favors I went to the dollar store and purchased toys for each boy and girl and filled it with candy. When making favors always add 4 more because you never know if people that didn't RSVP will show up and you don't want kids to leave empty handed. You can personalize if you have time which this time I just said I wasn't going to do that . I purchased these pails for $1 and added  labels I printed to say thank you. The kids all loved it and that's all I can ask for. Check out some pictures from the day and I hope it inspires you to get crafty. Google is your friend as well as Pinterest. Grab yourself a glass of wine, scissors, glue and get to work momma.

Peace & Love