A Night For Puerto Rico


Hi Loves,

It's crazy to think that its been over a month since Hurricane Maria ravaged her way through the Caribbean and leaving  a lasting affect on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It saddens me that this is our norm, that the norm is #prayersfor___________. Trust me I  am a believer of prayers, it truly gets me through this madness of a world we live in, but I know there is much more I can do, that we can do. I knew immediately when the hurricane hit Puerto Rico that I wanted to do more to help.

As a Puerto Rican American I am proud of where I come from. I have always been taught about my culture, to work hard and strive  for the stars. I spent my younger years in Puerto Rico , but my mother wanted to make a life in New Jersey, so we came back and made a life here. If you know any Puerto Rican, you know that whether we are in Puerto Rico or anywhere else our culture is within us, we live and love hard. Being from the tri-state area, so many of us were going through it and still going through the reality that our family members are suffering in a country we once called home. The sad reality that we are facing is that the island we once loved is a shell of what it once was. 


My friend Shareen from Pearls & Paris  immediately started doing everything she could to help the people of Puerto Rico. She even helped me in a time where I was crumbling from not hearing from my dad. I was in a very dark place , but she was so composed and on it and she truly doesn't understands what that means to me as a friend and just a human being. She started to organize the event "A Night For Puerto Rico" and  I knew I wanted to help because this truly hit home (literally) for me. I honestly can't take credit for the meat and bones of this event because Shareen has hustled her butt of to create amazing things for you guys. We have some amazing Tricky Trays and its being held at the beautiful Crystal Plaza which if you followed me for awhile you know this is where I got married. This event is truly for the people of Puerto Rico.



Thanks to the generosity of the Crystal Plaza along with the help of countless friends, family and sponsors – we are hosting ‘A Night for Puerto Rico’ on November 8th. This night is dedicated to the resilient people of Puerto Rico and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Tainas Unidas & Hispanic Law Enforcement Society of Essex County. Both organzations have man power on the island and have been actively collecting, shipping and personally handing out these supplies and items since Hurricane Maria hit. This is why we chose them, we want to make sure the items are getting to the people.

General Admission is $65 which includes live entertainment, unlimited beer and wine as well as passed food, themed stations and dessert. There will be one signature drink available to purchase which the Crystal Plaza Group has so graciously decided to donate all the sales of it back to the organizations. The night will also feature raffles, a silent auction and a variety of vendors.

With all this being said I hope all of you that follow me and live in the Tri-State find it your hearts to show up and show the people of Puerto Rico that we are there for them, that we the people won't give up on them.


Peace & Love,



THANK YOU for all of your support!

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