A Fun Filled Halloween

Hi Loves,

I cant believe Halloween is over. As most of you know from past Halloweens with Annabelle I love to go all out when it comes to costumes and this year was even better because I had my little man to join the fun.   I am beyond happy that the method to madness didn't go wasted with all your comments on instagram, facebook, twiitter and snapchat. I felt all the love from you guys and promise to bring it harder next year.

Anyway lets get to the costumes! The first costume I shared with you guys was the singer Sia. This was actually changed from Selena which was my original idea, but because the person I originally was going to have make Annabelle's costume couldn't, I had to come up  with something easy and Sia immediately popped in my head. I googled Sia images and found the image below and started the process of making our look come to life. I ordered our wigs from Amazon and literally had all the other pieces in our closet. Basically  a black  blazer and collar top with red lipstick and you are set. Total this cost me $40. Overall I am happy with the look.

Next up was Frida Kahlo which I think was everyone's favorite. This was something I knew I wanted to do since last year. Being a Latina I wanted to pay homage to a great Latina icon and I have to say I doubted how it came out as far as me but I am always hard on myself. It was truly  a surprise with all the love we received about the costumes and how much we looked like her, so I'm glad we did it and extremely glad you all liked it. For this costume the only things I purchases were the flowers and chain which totaled $15.

So you guys know I had to get Ayden in the fun! Run DMC was a no brainer for me. I wanted something I knew I could reuse and was in their closets already. I literally only had to buy Ayden his shoes our gold chains and the hats. I literally cant take how cute these two look in these tracksuits. I know you all enjoyed them as well. This costume cost is a little pricey but once again you can get use of the outfits over and over again.

Last it was time for the kids school parade! Annabelle wanted to be Elena of Avalor, she loved looking like a her new favorite princess. I got her costume at the Disney Store and Ayden I wanted something warm so a lion it was. He looked so adorable! Overall this Halloween was the best one yet. Till next year and trust me  I already have ideas.

Peace & Love