A Big Girl Room for A Princess

Hi Loves,

I hope all of you had a great weekend. As promised I am sharing today all about Annabelle's big girl room. I am going to be honest with you guys; this room is probably my most favorite room in the house. Her room might even beat my closet, I know crazy right but I love it so much.


When planning Annabelle's big girl room in the old house, I did not have a lot of space to play with, so I was super excited to get into this house and start her room. If you know Annabelle, you know that she is a girly girl. She loves princesses, dancing and anything fairy-tale, so bringing everything she loves together was a breeze for me. My home's base color is grey, so adding colors like pink, mint, and gold really complimented each the whole room. I also was mindful that Annabelle will eventually grow into a teen, so the furniture I picked can grow with her. Please keep that in mind if you are creating a big girl or big boy room because you will end up spending more years later.


Since I already had her furniture, I knew I wanted to create an inspiration wall for her. I am obsessed with this wall because it indeed incorporates all things, Annabelle. I put her first ballad shoes, a Disney princess, flamingos, the Floral letter A that I created for her first birthday and fun quotes. Another advice i would give you when creating a inspo wall is to lay your art work on the floor and measure the wall so you make sure you have the perfect spacing for each piece. All the pieces in her room mean something to me so I'm really proud of that space. I added a Guardian Angel picture that my mother got me for my first room as well, my mother really wanted her to have it. The beautiful dolls you see are custom dolls I get her and plan on getting her for each birthday until she is 18, she may get sick of them but I think they are adorable. Another section of her room I love is her dress up area. I put all her princess costumes she can choose to play with.


Overall Annabelle's room is just a magical place for her to enjoy being the girly girl that she is. I hope one day she truly understands how lucky she is to have a huge beautiful room, filled with dolls and dresses of her own. As much as I enjoy providing her all these things, I also know its equally as important to tell her that it all can be gone and these things are not whats important, but are blessings. Anytime I clean her room she comes in and says, "mommy thank you so much for making my room beautiful again" so I think she is grateful.  I hope you all enjoyed this post and stay tunes for more. Please comment below if you want to know where I purchased anything, for now I hope enjoy these pictures.

Peace & Love,


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