Fit and Flare! (Festival Look)


Festival season is officially here, and I am all for it. I love festival season because one I love music and two I love the fun hippie, free-spirited fashion. I know guys, this is not for everyone, and that's fine. I see a lot of people that don't like it, but this girl right here loves it all.


I have been to a few music festivals and depending on where you are attending can determine the style you want to achieve. The first time I went to Coachella I didn't know what to expect, so I was under-prepared big time. The days are scorching, and there is a lot of wind, so sandals are not fun to deal with. I learned this the hard way, and my feet paid for it. You are going to do a lot of walking so wear comfy boots. Because I love fashion, I did outfit changes, but realistically most of you won't leave the venue as I did to change into different outfits. It gets cold at night so make sure to bring a jacket because you will freeze. I prefer pants at night, so this would probably be a perfect outfit with a cool jacket.


For those of you that have messaged me on Instagram about this whole outfit unfortunately both the top and bottom are not available; however, I did link some cool flares below. Make sure to stay tuned for my last festival look.

Peace & Love


IMG_3268 (1).jpg