Current Favorite Hair Products


I get so many questions regarding products I use; whether its hair, makeup, skin you guys DM me a lot about this. I have to admit I slacked on providing you guys full details on everything, so I figured I make a round up in a three-part post on what I am currently using. The most requested from you guys has to be hair products, so I just thought I start with that first. Cutting my hair all off was a blessing in disguise for my curls; it was like hitting the reset button for my hair. I have put my hair through the wringer, so cutting it helped bring my long lost curls back.


My hair is on the thicker side, so the getup and go method is not an option for me. I envy women who can let their hair air dry, and it looks so silky smooth. Let's keep it real if I attempted to walk out my house and make my hair air dry I would look like I put my finger through an electrical socket. Humidity is not my friend, so finding any product that combats frizz and dryness are a must for me. Below I listed products I currently use and why I love them. The products are a little on the expensive side, but I rather spend money on quality products that work for me. I do have drugstore favorites if you want me to share, leave a comment below.


Oribe Dry Texture Spray is by far my favorite to use. I use this rather than Hairspray because I love the volume it gives my hair. I always touch my hair, so for me, the fact that it still looks good after moving it around a lot is a plus.


R+CO a trophy spray is styling spray that adds the right amount of texture, volume and shine to any hair type. I enjoy this one as well when I have a blowout. Other products I use from this company that I love is their Death Valley Dry Shampoo. For you ladies with short hair or anyone wanting a nice slick look their control flexible paste is the bomb.


Windle and Moodie textured spray is a spray that creates instant texture, volume, and body. Just started using this one and like it.

For my curls, I use Shea products but have been loving the Deva styling cream, leave in conditioner and styling hairspray. I also like OGX Moroccan dry shampoo.