Teacher and Classmate Valentine's Idea

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As a parent, holidays like Valentine's day can be a headache because you have to think about sending your child to school with goodies for their friends and teachers. I honestly like this part about Valentine's day but for some it's daunting. I love to involve my children in helping me get the goodies ready for their friends; it makes for a fun activity. Annabelle is of an age where she can write her name so I let her write her name and her classmates as well, she even wanted to fill the bags herself. I also have to think about the teachers and staff, so I found these super cute tins from Target and just added cookies I purchased because momma has no time for baking, but if you want to make it extra special, you can do that. Helpful tip, ask the teacher for a list of the students at the beginning of the year; usually, I will email just in case there is a new student or if someone is no longer in the class. I also ask for a list of all the teachers and aids. I like to think of everyone, so I will also be sending Ayden off with something for the bus driver and aid that picks him up for school. You honestly don't have to go all out either, sending your child with a Lollipop and card is simple and cute and as always ask the school for dietary guidelines for the school. Hope these little tips help for you and your kiddos.

Peace & Love,