Disney World Main Street Confectionery

One of my favorite places to head into when I'm on my way out of Disney's Magic Kingdom is Main Street Confectionery. If you have a sweet tooth like me, you are in for a treat. This place is your one-stop-shop for any sweet you can think of. They have Mickey-shaped snacks that include rice krispie treats, cookies, cupcakes and you also can choose from an endless amount of candy to take back to your hotel.


Here are some of my favorite treats that we love to get when we are in the park.


A good old shortbread cookie always satisfies my sweet tooth. This is one of my favorites at Main Street Confectionery. It's cute and yummy all at the same time.


I don't know about you, but I am all about Rice Krispy treats and this one is so good. I can never finish it in one sitting but its perfect to munch on through a monorail ride back to your car. They also have a Mickey version for all you Mickey lovers.


The Glacier Ice Blue Raspberry drink at Main Street Confectionery is so yummy, you all need to try it! There is a Strawberry flavor, but the kids and I love the Blue Raspberry. You can also get it in a standard cup but come on who doesn't like a souvenir cup with Mickey ears.


If you love Oreos and you love chocolate this treat is for you. This treat is one of Annabelle's favorites and for good reason. I mean who doesn't like Oreos?! I have to say this is one to eat fast because the Florida heat will melt this bad boy quickly.

I hope you love these treats from Disney World and stay tuned as I share all about Toy Story Land next week.

Peace & Love,