My Dream Closet With California Closets

This post is in collaboration with California Closets, as always all opinions are my own.


Hi Loves,

I am so excited to share with all of you my dream closet. I know I have been talking about it for so long, so to finally share it with you all seems a little surreal. I am going to break down the process from the beginning to end so you can really grasp the time and effort it takes to build a closet of your dreams. I first reached out to California Closets back in January to come to my home for a free consultation. I was matched with a designer Stephanie who by the way I have to say she couldn't have been a more perfect fit for me; she listened to everything I wanted and created my ultimate dream closet that I can finally share with you. 


The Process
Stephanie came to my home and first spent a half hour measuring my space, she did this so she can really customize my closet for me. I was lucky enough to have a room in my house that I can convert into a master closet, so it gave us tons of space to work with. Once she measured the area Stephanie input the measurements into her computer where she used software that created a 3D version of my closet. We started to talk about my wants and must-haves and most importantly my budget. It's so important to go into this process with a budget because it gives you and your designer a clear understanding of how the design should go. Knowing your budget can really help navigate the design process. For me, I knew I wanted to display my shoes and bags on the outside space of my closet and clothes in the actual closet of this room. Remember I was actually working with a room that had its own walk-in closet, so once again more space for us to play with. She also gave me a homework assignment of counting my shoes, so I was sure I was maximizing the space we were working with. This homework assignment helped me with purging a lot of things I didn't use or need anymore. Once we had a design, we had one more meeting in the showroom. Going into the Bernardsville Showroom really helped me see the plans put together and what I wanted. For me, I knew I wanted gold hardware, and I wanted an island with a drawer for jewelry. Stephanie showed me a cool feature they have where you can have a security lock on the drawers which she sold me on. Remember the cost is driven by the complexity of the design and materials you choose, so you are the driver in what your closet will cost. California Closets gives you a wide range of product options, so the possibilities are endless.

Lissette Pedreiras Proposal_Image_63.jpg
Lissette Pedreiras Proposal_Image_65.jpg

The Building

Once Stephanie and I finalized the design, she explained they will now build my closet and installation would be 6-8weeks out. I'm so impatience, but I  knew they were creating the closet of my dreams, so the wait would be worth it. Once we came up with a date my installation time was a 2-day project. This is the fun part because you see the closet come together. I'm not going to lie after the first day of work I went upstairs for a peek, and I swear I was in love immediately. Once the guys were complete after the second day, and I saw my closet, I cried because for me it was something I worked hard for and paid for it all on my own.  California Closets took care of my wants and needs and I can't thank Stephanie enough for all her hard work on making my vision come to life.

Lissette Pedreiras Proposal_Image_57.jpg
Lissette Pedreiras Proposal_Image_55.jpg

I hope you guys love the closet as much as I do and stay tuned later this evening I will be taking you through the closet and giving you a full closet tour on my youtube channel so head over and subscribe. I am going to answer all your questions in that video.

Peace & Love,