Outdoor Living with Raymour & Flanigan

This post is in collaboration with Raymour & Flanigan, as always all opinions are my own.

Hi Loves,

I am super excited to share my outdoor space with you guys finally.
I teamed up with Raymour & Flanigan to bring my patio to life, and wow they sure did. When we first purchased our home, I knew that the backyard space would be a place my family would be spending most of our days. I also knew that I needed to find the right furniture for my area. I immediately knew I would head to Raymour & Flanigan and I was lucky enough to work with them again to bring my patio to life.

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Ok, so the first thing I did when deciding on how I was going to utilize the space outside was to measure the area itself. Guys this is so important because it will save you a lot of time. Knowing what will fit in your area is always helpful, and it's a great way to envision your area. Next, I chose to go on Raymour & Flanigan's website to see what options I had available; you don't have to do this because honestly, the sales reps at the stores are so helpful that they genuinely will get your vision going for you. I chose to go to the Bridgewater NJ location, and I have to say I love that location, they are genuinely helpful staff.

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As you guys can see, I went with a neutral tone to match my home decor inside my home. I prefer neutral pieces any day because if I want to add color, I can do that with accessories.  I like to have the choice of color or no color in my decor, so for me, a neutral base is always my way to go. Remember you can change the feel of your space by changing out pillows and accents like table lanterns. Overall I am so happy with this space and hope you guys like it too. Stay tuned because I am going to be sharing how I decorated my balcony using these same pieces. I also linked each item for you guys below.

Peace & Love,


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