Hats for Spring and Summer

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Hi Loves,

If there is one accessory I can't live without, it is hats. I am obsessed with any style hat, whether it be a beret, fedora, newsboy, beanie; I love them all. My new haircut though doesn't work with many hats because I end up looking like a 10yr old boy, so your girl has been on the hunt for wigs. I don't want to get into wigs in this post, I'll save that for a different post once I get a couple of more, but the reason I brought it up is it's my way of still being able to rock my fave hats. I wanted to share some of my faves that I picked up for this season. I am currently obsessing over Brixton hats. I love that they have some styles that are daring and you know me I like to challenge myself fashion-wise. I linked some of the hats I purchased below for your shopping pleasure.
Peace & Love


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