Fringe, Fringe, and more Fringe!


Fringe, fringe, fringe and more fringe! The fourth look from my holiday look-book has to be my favorite just because I am obsessed with fringe, I mean can you blame me I am an 80s baby.


When I saw this look, I immediately said it had to be a part of my look-book. This look screams sexy, fun and sass all around.


What I love about Fringe is that it can be flattering for all. Anyone can wear fringe and look great. If I had my long hair, I would have worn a long high pony, giving you all disco babe vibes but even with my short hair, I love the way this look turned out. Like I said this is my favorite look out of all the looks in my lookbook because I felt comfortable and still felt sexy. Like always I have shared my look below and some other styles for your shopping pleasure. My last look will be up after Christmas.

Peace & Love,