Boss Babe


Each year for my holiday look book I always try to think of looks that will please everyone and are wearable for multiple events during the holidays. For me, a pant look is practical and I prefer it over a dress. I also love that you can wear pant looks in multiple ways. This look, in particular, I can wear the pants with a cute off the shoulder sweater with heels or pair the blazer with jeans and strappy shoes. One of my many rules while shopping and you guys know I love to do that, is to find looks I can wear multiple ways. I know it is a privilege to shop whenever I want, but it doesn't stop me from buying smart. Buy looks you can use over and over and multiple ways so its like you have more in your closet.


I obviously wouldn't wear a transparent top to a holiday party at work, but if I were going out to a club, this look would be perfect. Switch up the top for a black turtleneck or even a crop top would look good with this two-piece suit. I paired the look with these gorgeous booties and these fantastic headpieces. Hair accessories are huge now and definitely my go to now that I am growing my hair out. Overall this look could be worn to multiple events and re-purposed with other items in your closet.


Check out links to my look below and make sure to look out for the fourth look tomorrow.

Peace & Love,