Fall Ready

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Hi Loves,

Happy October 1st! Today is a new start for LiiRaven.com. It's crazy to think that almost six years ago I started this journey of creating and sharing things I love with all of you. Some of you are relatively new to my blog, and most of you have been through so much with me from the very beginning. You guys have seen me become a wife, mom, new homeowner, and much more and I thank you that you continue to invest your time in me.

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The growth I have had is because of you guys, and I will continue to perfect my craft for you. I look back at my first post and laugh at how cheesy the pictures and content were but for some reason, you guys saw something in me, and I am eternally grateful for it. Your continued support has allowed me and my family to experience amazing opportunities but mostly has given me the strength to keep going and proving to myself that this is not just a hobby but something more for so many of you.

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It's incredible to see how you are viewed as an inspiration by so many people you have never met before. To be a source of inspiration to women and men from all over the world and not even know it, is everything to me. I will continue to work hard for you guys, and the fruits of my labor are starting to pay off. I wanted to share with you guys that I have taken the next steps in my blogging career and signed with BoldStreak who will now be LiiRaven's representation. I am excited and nervous at the same time about this partnership. When I say nervous, its a good nervous; It's hard for me to let anyone take some work off my hands, but I knew it was needed so I can focus on bringing you all the content you guys love. I also want to be transparent with all of you and inform you what's going on with LiiRaven. I love you guys and so excited to be ending this year with a bang. I hope you guys are as excited to see where this platform is going next, because I am coming in hot, get ready.

Peace & Love,