How To Dress As A Wedding Guest


Hi Loves,

Happy Sunday! I am up nice and early so I figured why not get up and write about this outfit, especially because a lot of you have been asking for details on this dress. I can't even tell you how many compliments I received wearing this dress. The amount of messages from you guys to other guest telling me how gorgeous I looked, I was a happy camper knowing I only spent $48 on the dress. Time and time again I have told you guys you don't have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks. My mother has always told me, "you wear the outfit, you don't let it wear you" and that's is exactly what I did . I strutted in that dress and I owned every minute of it.

Now I am sad to say this dress is sold out which I mean I'm not surprised, it was sold out the next day on Forever21's website , but don't worry I linked some styles below that I think you guys would look gorgeous in. I also linked some styles for you curvy ladies because I can't forget you girls.

Look you guys really don't have to break the bank to look great , the key is the accessories. If you are going to invest in luxury items, invest in your accessories like a handbag in a neutral color that you know you will get use out of. My bag in these pictures cost more than my whole outfit so the assumption would be her outfit must cost a ton. When spending little on an outfit, make sure its good material, lets face it you can buy items on line and they end up looking cheap, be smart about it. I may purchase something at a great price but if it looks cheap I am not wearing it. Quality is important, but I am telling you you can find items that are gems. The best feeling to me  is when I spend little to no money on something and get so many compliments. I hope this helped you guys with dressing as a wedding guest and make sure to tag me on your wedding guest style, I would love to see your finds.

Peace & Love,