Oldie But A Goodie

Hi Loves,

Happy Monday! Lately I have  been finding myself pulling out old pieces in my closet to wear and I think I'm loving it. I'm trying and key word is trying not to spend money but instead looking in my closet for pieces that I haven't had the chance to wear a lot of. This two piece set is one of those items that I absolutely love, but just forgot I had. I purchased right after I had Annabelle and wore once at tucked it away. I knew when I was heading to Greece that I wanted to take it with me and I am glad I did. I love the black and gold on top of the pale pink, it gives it just a feminine touch. Overall this outfit is perfect for any occasion and I do plan on wearing it more. I hope this inspires you to go through your closet and grab that oldie but goodie piece and style it up now. I plan on doing this a lot this fall so stay tuned for many post dealing with re-purposing pieces in your closet. Challenge yourself to see whats in your closet  that you can style multiple ways, you would be surprised how many outfits you can get with one piece.

Peace & Love.