Blue & White Style

Hi Loves,

Its crazy how time is passing, by so fast . I am back from my second vacation and feel like I am playing catch up with the blog, but eventually I'll get caught up. I have been just trying to enjoy life and not stress over blogging. I think when it becomes stressful it's not fun anymore and for me personally its not my job, it's my passion and once it starts feeling forced I tend to shy away from it so don't get upset with me guys, but my family and happiness come first. I wanted to to share that before I go into this fashion post because I see a lot of bloggers complaining all day long about the woes of blogging and how much they hate this or hate that. For me there are things I don't like about blogging , but I don't feel the need to air it to you guys, because to be frank I don't think that's why you follow my journey. I want to inspire you guys to be better and to love life and feel good about yourselves. Some people love and feed off negative energy  and that's not me, plus I think that BS is for group chats, lol don't you think. Anyway if you ever catch me on social media complaining please send me a DM and tell me to knock it off,  there are plenty of more important things we are dealing with in this crazy world we live in.

Anyway, I  am finally sharing this outfit with you guys, which by the way I knew would be a hit. I love when I find pieces that are affordable but look like you can purchase at Neiman Marcus . I cant count the times I got stopped and asked where I got this from and to say Target and see the looks were fantastic. Ladies I have said it time and time again you don't have to spend a lot to look fab, I hope you guys love this look. what I love about it is that it was super comfy and if I chose to I could dress it up with heels. Also since I love sharing discounts with you guys, you can get  a watch like the one I'm wearing for a percentage off by using code "Raven15"  I linked the outfit below for you shopping pleasures as well .

Peace & Love,