Annabelle's 2nd Birthday Bash

Hi Loves,

Since Ayden's Mickey Birthday bash is this weekend, I decided to share a flashback Friday post on Annabelle's 2nd birthday which if you haven't guess by now was also a Mickey Theme. I initially was going to have Ayden's party as Woodland Animal theme, but because  this kid is super obsessed with Mickey I couldn't have anything else. I am lucky and super happy I kept everything from Annabelle's party so this time I don't have to do as much. I have to say though they are the same theme I changed it up for him, so make sure to stay tuned for his party post, but for now lets get started with Annabelle's second birthday.

At the time of her party Annabelle was obsessed with Mickey Mouse Club House so I Incorporated  all things Mickey, but still made it girly like my princess. I purchased a lot of items from Etsy, but I also did a lot of DIY items like her name and the signs that you see. You will be surprised at how many mickey images are on goggle, so if you have a color printer at home and scissors you can save a lot of money on decorations. I am not going to go in full detail how I made everything as I will be sharing on Ayden's birthday post how to make items. I was lucky enough at the time of her party to have my living room empty as we were gearing up for brand new furniture otherwise if you don't have a big space for kids to run around I wont suggest having in your home, it gets quite messy. I did have a mickey impersonator come and do face painting and sing so that was a huge plus for the kids.

Overall it was a great party that was inexpensive because I made a lot of the stuff and it was held at home which also was a money saver. I hope you guys love the pictures and got some ideas from it.

Peace & Love