LOL Surprise Doll Halloween DIY Costume


Hi Loves,

Here is Annabelle's second Halloween look and my favorite. As, many of you know my daughter is obsessed with LOL Surprise Dolls and I knew I had to make her one for Halloween. I fell in love with Cosmic Queen , but boy I should have thought this one through. I purchased a leotard off Amazon and of course my luck I thought I purchased the right color but I didn't so a silver leotard came and I had to glitter it up plus the glitter in her hair, called for a big giant sprinkle fest in my home. I am going to have glitter all over my house for months, insert crying emoji face. I have to admit it still is worth the face she made when she saw herself, I am happy with the results and can we talk about how my daughter is getting so tall, ughh she needs to stop growing, anyway hope you guys like this costume. If you guys want to create this look, simply purchase a leotard, fabric glue, glitter, silver belt and silver boots, heart glasses and boom you have Cosmic Queen.

Peace & Love,